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Instructions - Hindi, Bengali and Arabic

About the Course

Self Tutoring Greetings and Instructions of English Language – covers English Greetings and basic instructions. The course enables the learner to express himself in English language in basic day to day settings.



INS001 – Thai, Chinese and Vietnamese

INS002 – Hindi, Bengali and Arabic

INS003 – German, Spanish and French


Course Delivery: Self-Paced Online

Duration: 200 videos of over 3 hours

(40 days / 3 hours session per day. Includes time for revision after the session and post course completion. Please note that duration will vary as per the learning potential of the student. For student with no background in English Language, 3 hours per session which includes 10 videos is recommended)

Course Progression: 

Week 1 – 7 sessions/10 videos per session.

Week 2 – 7 sessions/10 videos per session.

Week 3 – 6 sessions/10 videos per session.

Week 4 – Revise Week 1

Week 5 – Revise Week 2

Week 6 – Revise Week 3

How to Study:

  • Play the videos listed in each session in order and carefully read the structure in your desired language. Watch the following video and replay it again.
  • At the end of session, replay the playlist and follow the drill as listed above.
  • In case of further doubts, play the videos again and follow the drill.