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Instructions (Short Course) - Hindi, Bengali and Arabic

About the Course

Instructions (Short Course)  - Hindi, Bengali and Arabic

Self Paced Course


About the Course

Self Tutoring Greetings and Instructions of English Language – covers English Greetings and basic instructions. The course enables the learner to express himself in the English language in basic day-to-day settings.



INS001 – Thai, Chinese and Vietnamese

INS002 – Hindi, Bengali, and Arabic

INS003 – German, Spanish and French


Course Delivery: Self-Paced Online

Duration: 100 videos of over 3 hours

(20 days / 3 hours session per day. Please note that duration will vary as per the learning potential of the student. For students with no background in the English Language, 3 hours per session which includes 10 videos is recommended)

Course Progression: 

Week 1 – 7 sessions/10 videos per session.

Week 2 – 7 sessions/10 videos per session.

Week 3 – 6 sessions/10 videos per session.

How to Study:

  • Play the videos listed in each session in order and carefully read the structure in your desired language. Watch the following video and replay it again.
  • At the end of the session, replay the playlist and follow the drill as listed above.
  • In case of further doubts, play the videos again and follow the drill.