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Vocabulary - Advanced Major

About the Course

Just think, you have picked up every word that was ever used in your surroundings. You already have a database of at least fifty thousand words. Was it tough learning those words? No. You did not even realize that you were learning words. And that is the only way words could be learnt and language be enhanced. It is a subconscious process. 

One cannot do it by reading a dictionary or making word lists. We simply simulate natural language acquisition process and accelerate it. And the best part, because it your natural vocabulary acquisition, it is not tiresome or boring. The program is divided into two levels,

Level 1 - Advanced Minor (Intermediate Vocabulary)
Level 2 - Advanced Major (Advanced Vocabulary)

How to use this course?

  1. Every day you will learn 10 new words.
  2. To start, play Day 1. Watch the scenes carefully and try to make alternative sentence with the word in focus.
  3. Play until you reach the end of playlist.
  4. Replay the playlist again and write down the words in a notebook.
  5. Make alternative sentences and repeat as required.